We are concerned about the quality and nutrition of the food that we eat. We are aware that much of the food that fills the supermarket shelves have traveled extremely long distances, has been sprayed, irradiated, and mixed with GMO. Worse yet this method of farming  degrades the landscape by destroying  soil structure, has high input cost, and creates poor tasting food. This is not what we want to eat.

Want to know the solution? Each of us vote with our fork 3 times a day!

The Many Hands Permaculture Farm was founded in 2010, and has been providing high quality food to the Cowichan Valley since. Located in Westholme BC, Many Hands Farm is focused on building rich soil which in turn grows the most nutritious and amazing tasting food. Nature loves bio diversity and so do we.

We can grow the most incredible nutrient rich foods while building soil to become better each year.